Empowering consumers

Banyan believes consumers’ data, including their receipts, should be accessible, portable and secure. We’re building the infrastructure to link merchants, financial institutions, and fintechs, so consumers can seamlessly access and connect their receipts to any app or service they choose.

Unlocking the Power of Receipts

Working with Banyan, merchants can seamlessly and securely monetize these connections, while unlocking powerful insights and new marketing opportunities. Banyan provides our merchant partners with total transparency and control, while our privacy-by-design architecture requires consumer consent before any receipts are shared. Fintechs and financial institutions can enrich their applications and platforms with SKU-level detail to deliver incredible experiences to their customers, enhance their existing products and create powerful new solutions.

Privacy by Design

Our integrations with banking partners require that we adhere to the most stringent data practices and our privacy-by-design approach ensures that no customer data that passes through our platform is shared without consent. All customer data is anonymized and no personally identifiable information (PII) or payment information is ever handled by us.

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